Oxford Creative Makers’ Market on Facebook


OCCI built an online Facebook Market for you to show and sell your art. This is a great place to get feedback on your works from the general public and other artists – you may even make a few sales.  This platform will be used for special shows throughout the year as well, i.e. Valentine’s Day Sale, Mother’s Day Sale.  We currently have more than 700 members in this group and we are growing each week.  Please post no more than two items per week on this page as we want to show a variety of works from various artists.  Also, try to only post new works unless your work fits into one of the themed shows i.e. Valentine’s Day Show.

If you do not already have a stall number, please contact OCCI and we will provide you with one. You must use this stall number each time you post. We currently have 90 artists posting on this page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/oxfordcreativemakersmarket